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This activity will demonstrate ways that reliable and trustworthy friends can help you achieve things that feel impossible. Knowing how to identify traits of a trustworthy friend and the benefits of being one will help students as they develop their character skills. 

Students will participate in an activity where they will have to rely on the trustworthiness of their peers.

One of the most basic behaviors of trustworthiness is honesty. Honesty is not always easy, but lying affects more than just your character. The cost of lying is much greater than you think when you are in the moment where a lie may be the easiest answer. This lesson allows students to explore the impact of lies on both their relationships and themselves and the decision, to be honest, even when it’s the hard path, is the best long-term decision. 

Students will reflect on their responsibility for trust and safety. 

We have many examples of trustworthy individuals in our lives, but we do not always stop to reflect what character traits are present in someone we trust. This lesson will examine nine traits of trustworthy people. Participants will determine if they have trustworthy characteristics, and which ones they could improve upon in their own lives.   

Classroom Activities for Trustworthy Lessons

Helium Hula Hoops

Carefully balancing a hula hoop on the group’s index fingers. Then working together, they must carefully lower the hula hoop to the ground without dropping it. Students need to communicate to build a level of trustworthiness between themselves to succeed!

Human Knot

This classic icebreaker game is an awesome way to establish trust between students. Have your students stand in a circle with their arms out. Grab a random person’s hand and then try to untangle everyone without letting go of each other’s hands!

Trust Walks

Learn all about trustworthiness in the great outdoors! Partner off and have one student put on a blindfold or close their eyes. Their partner then has to lead them on the path while telling them all about the obstacles in their way.

trust walk.jpg

Save the Can

Place a can in the middle of a square. Give the group 5 minutes to plan how they are going to remove the can from the square without touching it or stepping in the square. They can use straws, strings, and rubber bands to achieve their goal!


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